Customer Say's

   I purchased an X-Treme scooter™ from Big Ed in Chicago A while ago to take with me on my private airplane for business trips. I only have to charge it about once every few weeks and it just runs GREAT!.. Everyone at the airports I visit asks me how to get one. I also take it with me in my motor home on vacation for those quick runs to the store.
- Chelle Camito- Vallejo, CA, USA
   The electric scooter I purchased from you guys has been outstanding. I have had it now for almost 1 year and I use it everyday to commute to work 2 miles from my home. Everyone at the office always comments on how great of a idea I had. I also bought one for my 2 son's and one for my wife. The scooter folds up easily for transportation in my car so I can take it with me everywhere I go.
- Joseph Downs- Ft.Lauderdale, FL USA
   My name is Les and I am a vendor for X-Treme Electric Scooters Manufactures & Wholesale Distributors and I will say that the service is excellent from this company. We have just sold our 1000th X-Treme Scooter In January 2002 and we expect to double that in 2002. X-Treme scooters has treated us very well and has always been honest and up front with is on all transactions. I would highly recommend any dealer or storefront that wants a good product to see, that they include the X-Treme line up to their inventory.
- Lester P. Welbyrock- Gary, IN USA
   May 2003: Dear X-Treme Electric Scooters, I want to thank you for the 4 X-360 scooters one of your online dealers sold to me. We took them on tour with us for our family to ride around at the different drag race events. We found other dealers selling similar scooters to yours but theirs were only 24 volts with small 250 watt motors in them and the top speed was only around 11MPH. Our X-360 36 Volt 3 Battery 350 Watt scooters run around 20MPH and we quickly found that others at the show wanted to know where we got them. We decided to setup a booth at our next drag race event and we sold 54 X-360's in one 3 day event and cleared $6000.00 in profit. Thanks for providing a great product and now a new income for me and my family members. We are also thinking of booking shows for RV's, Boats & the local weekly farmers market event in our area. Your drop shipping program also made it a snap for our customers that flew in and had no way to haul the scooter back to their home. We now have the greatest excuse ever to travel to drag race events each weekend in our motor home.
- Rocky Robinson, Chico, CA USA
   July 2003: Hello X-Treme Scooters USA. I wanted to thank you for the great products you sell to me. I also want to tell you that we decided to take a chance and we purchased an EZ-UP tent for shade and had a few scooter signs made up using the logo you provided us and we took a weekend and setup on a busy corner in a dirt lot in Las Vegas Nevada 3 weeks ago. We were not sure what to expect. I was able to get 13 scooters loaded into my truck. We were on that corner for no more than 3 hours and we were completely sold out. I put the X-360 scooters sale price at $299 and before we knew it we had cleared $1300.00 in profit and we were taking the tent down. We went back to a different corner the next weekend after receiving another shipment from you and the same thing happened. Now I have quit my full time job working at the Laundromat and I am selling your scooters full time at busy intersections every day. We plan to start booking events and shows in our city over the next few months. I can hardly keep up with sales. This is just amazing. I even have a friend that owns a car lot / dealership and I put 4 scooters on his show room floor & they were sold by the end of the day. Now I have my friend buying from me as well. Who would have ever known these scooters would sell so well and generate this kind of income for me and my family. I just wanted to personally thank you for your great product & support you have given to me.
- Pete Harrison, Las Vegas, Nevada USA