Customer Say's

   I purchased a pair of Baja 48 Volt Electric Bicycles, 1 Rubicon 48 Volt Electric Bike and 1 Sedona 48 Volt Electric Bike from Big Ed in Chicago recently to take with us on our RV trips. I only have to charge it about once every few weeks and it just runs GREAT!.. So many people ask me how to get one. The range on these bikes is incredible at well over 50 Miles per charge. There is more range on the battery than I ever plan to use in a day. 
- Gary Martin - Napa, CA, USA
   The electric scooter I purchased from you guys has been outstanding. I have had it now for almost 1 year and I use it everyday to commute to work 2 miles from my home. Everyone at the office always comments on how great of a idea I had. I also bought one for my 2 son's and one for my wife. The scooter folds up easily for transportation in my car so I can take it with me everywhere I go.
- Joseph Downs- Bangkok, Thailand
   My name is Aidan and I am a vendor for X-Treme Electric Scooters Manufactures & Wholesale Distributors and the service is excellent from this company. We have just sold our 1000th X-Treme Product. X-Treme scooters has treated us very well and has always been honest and up front with is on all transactions. I would highly recommend any retail store to consider adding the X-Treme line up to their inventory.
- Lester P. Welbyrock- Gary, IN USA
   Dear X-Treme Electric Scooters, I want to thank you for the 4 Trail Maker & Trail Climber Elite's that you shipped to us last summer! We have taken them with us for our entire family to use on multiple vacations as we travel the country from state to state and these bikes have performed flawlessly! Thank You X-Treme Electric Bicycles!
- Rocky Robinson, Chico, CA USA
   Hello X-Treme Scooters USA. I wanted to thank you for the great pair of beach cruisers, the Newport was for myself and the Catalina 48 was for my wife. We now have more than 2500 miles on both bikes and we have had nothing but tons of fun! Thank you for supplying such a great product!
- Pete Harrison, Lake Havasu City, AZ USA